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My name is Noel Kennard and I have been involved in the Harness racing industry since the early 1960s. My involvement with goHarness since we started in 2011. At the time of writing, goHarness has 60 winners. With 100s of syndicate members, we have enjoyed a journey of fun, and excitement. Along with the disappointments associated with owning a harness horse. From champagne to tissues, it is all about having some fun and meeting new people. You can be involved with the ownership of any number of shares you wish to a single share. Families, workmates or just a few mates, you are welcome to join in and have some affordable fun with goHarness.

Explore our website and see what we do, and how to become a member of goHarness.


We are a great group that share a love of horses and the excitement of the world of harness

goHarness Syndicates was established in 2011 by Noel Kennard. Noel has spent a lifetime in Harness racing and has breed many horses over the years. He saw how much fun people were having with their involvement in racing horses. Noel decided to make it so that everyone had a chance to be part of the action. The more the merrier. The friendships that come about from the involvement with goHarness are friendships that will span a lifetime. The first syndicate was formed in 2011 was with Franco Harrison, other syndicates followed with Harriet of Mot (15 wins) Astro Boy (5 wins), Order on Line (2 wins), Franco Saxton (11 wins). The current Hoofing Around syndicate with Sargent Best, Franco Jorick and Hands On has had good success in the first year of racing for these young horses. goHarness horses have raced over 200 times on racetracks all over New Zealand, providing well over 200 members past and present the opportunity to enjoy the highs and to be part of the disappointments that come with racing a harness horse.


You will receive regular updates on your Horse(s) videos and photos along with Invitations to Trainers days to inspect your horse and meet the trainer and other members of your syndicate. Social Media interaction and access to your syndicate manager. Visit your horse on race day (subject to Health and Safety rules at each racetrack)


Purchase 1 share of a syndicate or as many shares your budget allows. There is no restriction to the number of shares you own.

There is no limit to the number of horses you have shares in.

Each individual syndicate is priced in accordance with the ownership level. (leased or owned outright)

How to get involved

Browse the current syndicate page to see what shares we have available today.

Noel’s vision is that of “In it for fun”. Harness racing has developed into a syndicate of partial ownership of 12 horses for over hundreds of members.

The team at goharness has the mantra: "in it for fun"

The members who purchase the shares of a horse are treated as full owners. Our experience has shown us that regardless of many shares you own it is your horse and you are an owner, and you are treated as such. Reports from the syndicate manager and the horse’s trainer appear in your inbox on a regular basis.

When your horse is running at Addington you get a free drink and a pass to see your horse in the stable (subject to trainers’ approval and health and safety rules). On winning a race you are invited to the birdcage for the winning photo, of which you will be able to purchase from goHarness There is the free drink in the President’s room for the win, if we can all fit into the Presidents room.

goHarness try to have a table to enjoy a meal  or to have  a place to meet and enjoy each other’s company during a meeting to watch your pride and joy race. You will be part of a community that enjoys the fun of racing a harness horse, for you to enjoy the thrills of the win and the journey your horse takes you on. With a group of people, you can share the experience with.

Syndicate moments with Astro Boy winning at Motukarara at least 100 members took part in the celebrations of his Win.
Syndicate Moment with Harriet of Mot at Addington in one of her 15 wins from 2015 to 2018.