2022 Syndicate

Mr Hill is heading to the yearling sales in February 2022, with the view of purchasing a number of horses. He has invited goHarness to be a part of this.

goHarness is fun, social and a group of people young and old who have an interest in Harness racing.

The current syndicate that has Sargent Best and Franco Jorick near ready to return to the racetrack and Hands On (who was recently sold to Australia), all of whom have provided all the thrills and spills of being a racehorse owner. 2022 and beyond looks exciting for the syndicate.

Noel is looking to set up a new syndicate to purchase a horse or preferable a portion of each one of the horses that Mr Hill purchases  This could mean a 50% share in one horse, a 25% in another and 10% in another. This is dependant on the cost of the horses and just how many people are interested in joining into this syndicate.

We are calling for expressions of interest, there is no commitment, until after we have purchased, when we can then provide you all the necessary details on which you can then decide to get involved or to withdraw your enquiry.


An indication of costs for you to base your decisions on:-

Annual operating costs regardless of the cost of the horse is for budget purposes $30,000

Purchase price:- $30,000      5%  is  $1,500

Purchase price:- $50,000      5%  is  $2,500


Annual expenses 5% is $1,500, which is $125 per month or $4 per day.

Enquiries or expression of interest can be made by, calling Noel on 029 969969 or emailing Noel at noel@goharness.co.nz.


Expressions of interest close at the end of January.

Risk and Rewards

The Risks…

When getting involved in racehorse ownership, it’s imperative you’re aware that there are risks.

Horses are not machines, they’re animals, and every racetrack appearance they make is only the ‘tip

of the iceberg’ compared to how much training and fitness work they’ve undergone in preparation for

their race day starts. Due to the amount of physical activity required, there is always a chance of a horse sustaining an injury somewhere along the way – or any number of other ‘issues’ that can (and do) affect their racing ability and/or potential. Injuries can be anything from something minor which

requires little more than a couple of injections from the Vet to rectify – right through to a serious injury that causes major delays in a horse’s racing career, or early retirement, etc.

Hence, one expense associated with owning a racehorse that is impossible to accurately budget for is Veterinary costs. Nobody can ever predict if injuries are going to occur or not, and despite goHarness having a stringent selection process and numerous ‘boxes’ that need to be ticked before we buy a horse for a syndicate – one thing we have no control over is nature. Some horses can go through their entire racing careers without any injury whatsoever, but it is always something we’ve got to be mindful of. If ever goHarness is confronted with an injury to one of our horses, we will always consult with the trainer and the veterinarian and choose a course of treatment that is best for the horse and the syndicate.


The Rewards…

Being involved in a syndicate certainly offers a lot in return – especially when it comes to the enjoyment you will have and the friendships you will make. In fact, ask any existing syndicate member and they’ll probably tell you these are the two best reasons to take part. ?

As far as the financial side of things is concerned – yes, there is a chance of ‘rewards’ in this regard as well, horses can end up generating a financial return for their owners, from stakes won and/or the proceeds when sold. However, we strongly suggest you enter into our syndicates with no expectations of making a financial gain – then if you do profit from it, that is a bonus.

On average a horse will have 12 to 15 starts per season and will require a spell between various campaigns: so, it is never in full work, nor at the races, for a full year.


Are there any guarantees of making a profit?

None whatsoever. Such guarantees can never be given. We’re not saying a goHarness Syndicate can’t make a profit, or won’t, because in the history of this great sport there are countless examples of horses that do very well for their owners in the money department. Quite a bit of luck is required for this to happen though, just keep that in mind.


So why get involved?

goHarness Syndicates were created to allow people to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership for a fraction of the cost – and enjoy the very ‘social’ side of the harness racing industry. Joining goHarness you’ll meet a lot of great people; we’re all about having a great time at the races, every time, regardless of how our horses do on the track.

When your horse wins… wow! The excitement of seeing it cross the line in first place is unbelievable, amazing, and something you will never forget. And it’s even more special to experience such joy alongside your fellow syndicate members.