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The 'risks' vs the 'rewards'

The risks...

Horses are not machines, they're animals, and every racetrack appearance they make is only the 'tip of the iceberg' compared to how much training and fitness work they've undergone in preparation for these starts.

So with the amount of physical activity required, unfortunately there's always a slim chance of a horse sustaining an injury somewhere along the way - or any number of other 'issues' that can (and do) affect their racing ability and/or potential.

Injuries etc can be anything from something minor, which may require little more than a couple of injections from the vet to rectify - right through to a serious injury that results in the death of a horse. All horses syndicated under the goHarness banner are insured in case of death.

When making a decision to get involved in racehorse ownership, it's imperative that you do so fully understanding the risks (however slight they may be).

The rewards...

Being involved in racehorse ownership certainly offers a lot in return - especially when it comes to the enjoyment you'll have and the friendships you'll make. In fact, ask any existing syndicate member and they'll probably tell you that these are the two best reasons!

As far as the financial side of things is concerned - yes, there can be rewards here as well; numerous horses do end up generating a financial return for their owners (from stakes won and/or the price a horse fetches when it's re-sold). However, we strongly suggest you enter into this type of ownership with no expectations of making a capital gain - then if you do make a gain, it's a bonus.

So why get involved?

The primary reason for creating these goHarness Syndicates is so that people can experience racehorse ownership for a minimal outlay - and then enjoy the very 'social' side of harness racing as a result of their syndicate involvement.

You'll meet a lot of great people, and you'll have a great time every time - regardless of how your horse does on the track.

The occasions when we DO win - well, they're the icing on the cake! Honestly, the excitement of seeing our horse(s) get to the winning post first is unbelievable, amazing, and something you'll never forget. For most it's a fantastic thrill, and it's not uncommon to see people yelling, screaming, shouting, and jumping up and down with joy etc when it happens.

Be a part of the fun and excitement!

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Risks vs Rewards
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